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when you’re talking about something you love and someone immediately starts saying how terrible it is image

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when you open the fridge after your mom went grocery shopping

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i love the sense of community in the classroom when you all know you failed the test

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  • me: this book destroyed my life
  • me: *add to the favorite books list*


Seriously, what the police are doing is not “bad”, it’s illegal.

There is a reason why people are raging mad at this situation, and it’s because it’s a blatant violation of basic human rights.

If you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem.

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everyone on this website is slowly going back to school one by one its kinda like a horror movie but worse

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no i’m not gonna lend you my pencil because if i lend you my pencil then you’ll want my calculator and then you’ll want austria and czechoslovakia and then you’ll end up invading poland and i will not have that shit

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